Community-Based Systems That Reduce Food Waste

Food Lens Consulting provides solutions to address inefficient food systems and increase access to nutritious food. Since 2015, our consulting company has been a catalyst for change in various communities within the USA, Mexico, and Canada, particularly in British Columbia.

We design and implement circular, low-waste food systems to ensure the best use of food. We do this by rescuing and repurposing food, measuring and tracking food flow, and food literacy and skills building programs.

Our Mission

We strive to bring a food systems approach to community food.

Feeding Communities

Food Lens Consulting aims to build connections within groups through activities in relation to nutrition. We help build reciprocal collaborative networks in communities and advise on governance structures, planning, and implementation.

To promote the better use of food, we collaborate with local groups to organize food drives, banks, and feeding programs for the needy. When properly implemented, these systems can address community issues such as food waste, hunger, malnutrition, and more. Count on us to provide hands-on support in implementing these solutions.

Get in Touch With Us

For more information on how to create a low-waste food system, manage your food rescue operations, make the most of your food, and increase the access to healthy food, contact us today. We look forward to working with you.